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We bridge the gap between old and new energy, mining cryptocurrency and selling to the grid.

What We Do

The future of renewable energy is here. E3 is a decentralized, blockchain-based, clean energy ecosystem creating massive value by quantifying and monetizing environmental benefits for companies, investors and the world.

Our Mission

An experienced team focused on improving operational efficiency and reducing operational costs with the goal of producing substantial returns for investors.

COLLABORATION - achieving extraordinary results

Based in East Texas, the Epicenter of Energy Production, with a leading supply of the world's natural gas beneath our feet, the management team at E3 has the track record and experience to build E3 Conversion into the world's foremost cryptocurrency mining company in America, right here in East Texas. 

The Company's strategic plan is based on a platform of proven technologies, enhanced by recent advances in energy storage processes, and driven forward by advanced technology blockchain programs and digital currency mining that are revolutionizing the energy production industry.   


Collectively, the team is known for its effective and aggressive growth management style, with its bedrock firmly rooted in a values-based leadership model, one which will consistently translate into significant financial returns for its stakeholders.





Our Executive Team

We are a team of experts in blockchain, cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency mining, financial, and energy sectors. Our mission is to make it possible for everyone to take part in this revolution as simply as possible, because we believe that the multitude of benefits provided from open source collaboration with blockchain technology will greatly impact the environment and the lives existing within it. 

Donnie Huffman
Chief Executive Officer

Donnie Huffman, has attracted the eye of multiple companies to bring abundance to their business.  His  leadership, proven by the deep connections he has developed as a petroleum consultant for 25 years in the oil & gas Industry.  His ability to lead and inspire others to achieve greatness is reflected in the various companies he owns and in the youth organizations he devotes his time to developing our future leaders of tomorrow.  

Ben Johnson
Chief Operations Officer

Ben Johnson has proven entrepreneurial experience and background, as well as knowledge and leadership in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. He brings nearly 2 decades of oil and gas completion and production operations expertise to the company with a history as a petroleum consultant. 


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info@e3conversion.com // 903-932-3971

We are excited about your interest in E3 Conversion and would love to discuss this unique opportunity to execute environmental leadership for profit.

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E3 Conversion

We are building the world's most powerful cryptocurrency mining facilities in America, right here in East Texas.


3122 Nealy Way

Longview, TX 75605


Tel: (866)-443-9669

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