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E3 Conversion is a touch-free solution for the oil and gas industries. We offer a team of industry veterans, giving them unprecedented expertise in digital asset mining with clean energy.

"Excited about my new partners out of Texas for being geniuses themselves with an idea that touches my heart. E3 Conversion just inked a twenty million dollar deal in Texas that will likely go to $100 million before months end."

Aaron Peterson 

Chief Unicorn Whisperer @ Unicorn Universe

Latest News

November 17, 2021

E3 Has Just Inked A $20 Million Dollar Deal That Will Likely Go To $100 Million Before  Months End.

November 19, 2021

E3 has 4,500 miners scheduled for deployment by the end of December 2021 to bring online In our first clean energy, wealth generating asset in East Texas.

November 22, 2021

E3 Announces First Industrial-Scale Immersion Cooled Bitcoin Mining Operation In Longview, TX.


The E3 Conversion Platform: We build, operate and source decentralized, environmentally friendly power to mine cryptocurrency. In addition to mining, our plants capture greenhouse gases and convert them to digital assets like Bitcoin and Emission Credits.

Decentralized Power 

E3 is committed to the mitigation of climate change, global warming, and ocean acidification. By capturing flaring natural gas from wells and processing plants we are mitigating the emission of greenhouse gases (GHG’s) through utilization of this previously discarded resource and converting it into bitcoin and emission credits that can be sold to organizations and countries with carbon reduction goals. 


Partner with us in quantifying ESG leadership  (Environmental, Social, & Governance) as we build a clean, abundant & decentralized future, today. 

Exceeding All Expectations

E3’s experienced team of professionals have leveraged professional networks securing partnerships with energy giants. With their experiences of more than 600M in revenue, the team have properly structured the company to manage more than 4k Bitcoin miners from the start. 

Unprecedented Rewards

Our mission is to facilitate the utilization of excess carbon dioxide for generating revenue. Ultimately, our goal is to help change the world for the better by converting waste into a valuable resource.

Unparalleled Possibilities


From the Beginning: To make certain we execute the highest hashrate to energy conversion ratio possible in our pursuit for computational dominance.


E3 is working to solve the global energy crisis through incentivizing clean energy through investment in our environmental solution - Bitcoin mining with flared and stranded natural gas. 


E3 Conversion enables asset owners and operators create liquidity out of stranded assets while creating a reliable, sustainable energy source globally.

E3’s development of an integrated solution to clean energy is at the forefront of bitcoin mining utilizing flared and stranded natural gas.

Energy Partnerships

This is the 7 trillion dollar opportunity in blockchain touchless asset recovery

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero.

We have currently advanced all regulatory compliance, social responsibility development, and supply chain channeling of systems to properly activate large scale mining operations and expand E3’s reach and impact globally. 

Equity Investments

Our E3-ROC (Return On Carbon) carbon sequestration solution captures gasses at their source, reduces CO2 to methane, and converts the methane to Bitcoin for continuous return on investment. Through this unique approach, we are able to take ALL forms of waste and convert it to digital gold by capturing carbon and greenhouse gasses for use in cryptocurrency mining.

Emission Credits

Lasting Impact

Executing Environmental Excellence

Through a coordinated, all-inclusive approach, we circulate wealth and prosperity throughout the world while sustainable, megawatt scale cryptocurrency mining. 

Quotation mark

Finding ways to harness waste is going to be one of the next waves of innovation in bitcoin. Instead of looking for ways to purchase electricity from the energy grid, we will instead be looking for opportunities to convert wasted energy into useable energy via bitcoin mining. It does nothing but make mathematical sense for both energy producers and energy consumers alike to turn waste into something useful, reduce overhead and keep the bitcoin network secure."

John Hodl   Writer for What is Bitcoin? (|https://www.whatisbitcoin.com/author/jon)


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